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School Fuel Enrichment Grants

School Fuel's Enrichment Grant Application Process is now open!  The application deadline is October 1, 2018. You can access the application at this link . This year, enrichment applications are being considered for all grades preK-12.  School Fuel began making enrichment grants for middle and high schools in the 2016-17 school year as a pilot program. This pilot program was a huge success. Some of the feedback we received included:

“I think experiential education is one of the best ways to learn and the students were able to learn firsthand about sailing and SF Bay during the trips. This is the highlight of high school for many of the students. Once you get to high school, students rarely go on field trips and so the chance to get out of the classroom and on a boat, learning as they took in the surroundings, was a pretty amazing experience. It's a lot of work as a teacher, applying for grants and organizing the trips and chaperones, but I feel like the work is worth it in the end and that providing this opportunity for the students is one of the best things I do as a teacher and I can't thank School Fuel enough for providing us with this grant!” Melissa Havel, San Marin biology teacher

"The purchase of the Arduino kits allowed [students] hands-on training in robotics hardware and programming fundamentals. This was the first time in the club history that programming training could be offered to a large number of club members. This activity allowed us to provide a meaningful training activity for new club members and broaden the technical skills of the group." John Maga, San Marin Robotics Club adviser

“We have nearly 100 mentor/mentee relationships. [The School Fuel grant for afterschool mentoring] has been a game changer her for those kids who need stability. It has helped significantly with student academic and social/emotional achievement.” Steve Hospodar, principal Hamilton K-8

“This grant impacted our journalism class in a major way. We were able to launch a wonderful school newspaper, with most of the printing costs covered. This allowed the dream to come true! Novato High embraced the school newspaper, and literacy was promoted throughout campus. A genuine interest and excitement was quickly built from the ground up with The Swarm (name of paper). The grant allowed the students to see their work in print and online, which enhanced their confidence and experience. The grant was essential to the growth of the class. The students were appreciative beyond belief!” Josh Rosenberg, Novato High journalism teacher

For the 2017-18 School Fuel is pleased to have supported the following enrichment grants for students in middle and high school:

Hamilton Grant Awarded
Middle School music (xylophone, band uniforms, and Six Flags competition fees) $           3,000.00
After school mentoring program, funds for coaching stipends, uniforms and competition fees $           5,000.00
Instrument repair for school-owned instruments $           3,000.00
Current literature for ELA students 40 Book Challenge $              500.00
San Jose
Field Trip to see The Giver for all sixth graders $           3,000.00
Poetry slam workshop for sixth graders $              650.00
Water bottle filling stations supported by campus Green Team $           4,000.00
Novato High
Library Clerk additional hours for after school support M-F $           7,104.00
College field trips for AVID classes $           6,000.00
School newspaper software and printing support $           1,550.00
Student Spanish language radio broadcast club, Juventud al Aire costs include Radio station visits, facilitators, guest speakers, reference materials $           2,000.00
Link Crew, teacher training, student leader training, and freshman orientation $           2,000.00
Dreamer's Club supporting students who are immigrants of children of immigrants $           2,500.00
Social awareness current texts and materials for creating related art for 9th grade English students $              700.00
accessory parts and labor to repair the ceramics kiln $           1,500.00
San Marin
Books for English 10 literature circles $              500.00
New upright bass $           3,000.00
Visiting clinicians for San Marin music students $           5,000.00
Tutoring support for math students at risk of failing $           5,214.00
Call of the Sea experience for biology students $           5,000.00
Robotics Club competition fees $           5,000.00
Link Crew expenses (training, T-shirts for leaders, poster supplies) $           2,000.00